Check out Jazz Unlimited’s newest competition group…the JU SHOWSTOPPERS!
Jazz Unlimited offers dancers ages 5-9, the opportunity to train, rehearse and perform together as a show-stopping, adorably dynamic group.

Specializing in Tap and Jazz, these dancers put together two amazing dances that showcase their lively spirits and incredible dance skills.

Demonstrating their dedication and love for dance, these dancers participate in extra weekend training, workshops, and rehearsals, on top of their regular weekly dance classes. From September through May the Showstopper dancers trained in jazz technique and tap fundamentals and learned several routines this past season – “Pirate Pizzaz”, “Barbie Dreams”, and “Swifties”!  In addition to rehearsals, these dancers participated in workshops and
classes of different dance styles from our talented Jazz Unlimited staff.
This year our Showstoppers performed in two regional competitions, Step Up 2 Dance and Dancers Inc. They demonstrated their enthusiastic dancing abilities and personalities, earning high scores and special awards. We are very proud of our Showstopper dancers, winning First in their Category and High Gold for Pirate Pizzaz and Barbie Dreams, and Gold for Swifties at the Dancers Inc.

Interested in learning  more about this program? Contact the studio today for more info on how your dancer can become a SHOWSTOPPER!