Sky Hoffmann

For the past 20 years Sky has been a professional dancer, choreographer, artistic coach, dance educator and master teacher.  Primarily focusing on the urban derived forms of dance and movement, Sky perceives dance not so much as art, but as life, a lifestyle.

Primarily known for being Justin Timberlake’s main dancer for two world tours, Sky has worked with many of today’s A-list artists such as, Mariah Carey, “Emancipation of Mimi” Tour”, Michael Jackson,

“American Bandstand”, “A Night at the Apollo”, Janet Jackson “Doesn’t Really Matter” VMA’s, and Justin Beiber “Billboard Awards”, Britney Spears “Pepsi”, Beyonce “Dreamgirls” and many, many more. 

More recently, Sky starred in “The Whitney Houston Movie” directed by Angela Bassett; choreographed and directed Japanese pop icon, Jin Akanishi for two tours; choreographed and supervised “America’s

Best Dance Crew”; was lead in Richmond and Tone Talauega’s directorial debut of “Galactic Space Bar” and in-house choreographer for CBS promo spots for 3 years running.