monica-karpo-jazz-unlimited-staff Monica began dancing at a very early age. She grew up in the studio. Monica moved from being a young dancer to an assistant teacher, and then finally to an instructor, where she has taught alongside her mother, Karen, for the past 14 years. Monica attended Richard Stockton College and trained in ballet, modem and jazz. While at Stockton, she was a member of the Stockton Dance Company and choreographed many modem dance works and pieces for musicals and variety shows. Monica is a post-graduate of Dance Masters of America Teachers’ Training School in Buffalo, NY where teachers from across the country come together to share information and train with Master teachers.

Monica spends most days as the “lady at the desk” here at Jazz Unlimited. She is thankful to be again working with her mother, as well as Fern, and Melanie on the Next Step production.