JU Founder Carryl Slobotkin

Artistic Director/Owner Carryl Slobotkin

“Boogie Wonderland” celebrates the glamorous dance styles and music of disco that introduced syncopated beats with orchestrated sounds cultivating energized dancing with others.  Enjoy watching our family of Jazz Unlimited dancers as they sparkle together, showing their dazzling skills, energizing enthusiasm, and entertaining performances, orchestrated by our talented choreographers.

The fifty-four-year dynasty of Jazz Unlimited started with founder Carryl Slobotkin’s passion for dance, her drive to foster dancers’ skills and abilities, and her dedication to create opportunities for dancers to succeed on and off the stage.  

Carryl’s zeal for dance began as a young child. Nurtured by her parents, Carryl developed a strong work ethic, which lead her to professional dancing when she performed with the renowned New York City Rockettes. Expanding her influence in the dance community, Carryl began Jazz Unlimited in 1970 to teach and mentor young dancers. The studio quickly grew and for more than fifty years has maintained a reputation for excellence in dance education. The achievements of Jazz Unlimited over the years brought numerous opportunities for the studio and its dancers, such as Carryl choreographing for the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders and the dancers performing in Europe and China, on stage at Carnegie Hall, at the Orange Bowl, at Walt Disney World, at halftime during Philadelphia 76ers games, on local and national television shows, and on a cruise to Mexico. Jazz Unlimited dancers have lit up stages all over the US, consistently earning top honors at regional and national dance competitions. While the achievements on stage are notable, the greatest indicator of Carryl’s impact is the countless ways that dance has positively shaped her students offstage. As Carryl’s alumni attest, the lessons learned at Jazz Unlimited stay with them throughout their lives. The perseverance, discipline, teamwork skills, and relationships gained at Jazz Unlimited are sources of strength far beyond each dancer’s time at the studio. The longevity of Jazz Unlimited’s success is rare in the competitive and ever-evolving business of dance. As a result, Carryl has also served as a dance competition judge on both East and West coasts.  And in recent years, she was selected to be a member of an elite group of Ambassadors at the annual Dance Teacher Summit, guiding dance instructors and studio owners from around the world. 

Now, to support the ongoing success of Jazz Unlimited, Carryl shares the lessons of the past fifty-four years in an advisory role at the studio and is thrilled with the joy this position provides, especially watching the students and staff thrive. She is proud that the strong commitment to excellence in dance education continues under the studio leadership of Nikki Hocker. Carryl remains thankful to her husband Fred for his endless support through every stage of her journey with Jazz Unlimited.