Artistic Director Carryl Slobotkin

Artistic Director/Owner Carryl Slobotkin

The passion for dance has always burned inside Carryl Slobotkin, the founder, owner, and artistic director of Jazz Unlimited. Even as a child enrolled in dance classes, Carryl possessed ambition and drive – qualities that she has since nurtured in her students for nearly five decades, resulting in a combination of longevity and success that is rare in the dance world. Now, as her students burn up the dance floor in celebration of the studio’s 49th anniversary, Carryl is proud and thrilled that Jazz Unlimited is still hot after all these years.

Carryl credits her mother & father with supporting her interest in dance and helping develop the work ethic that served her well through college, establishing a performing career, and overseeing the growth of Jazz Unlimited. As a young adult, Carryl quickly found success as a dancer, performing with the famous New York City Rockettes. Carryl soon discovered her love for teaching others, and as a result, she opened Jazz Unlimited in 1970. Carryl’s dancers have been “on fire” ever since!

The early success of Jazz Unlimited brought Carryl numerous opportunities, such as choreographing for the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders. In the ensuing years, Carryl’s students have performed in Europe and China, on stage at Carnegie Hall, at the Orange Bowl, at Walt Disney World, at halftime of Philadelphia 76ers games, on local and national television, and on a cruise to Mexico. Jazz Unlimited dancers have lit up stages big and small in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, consistently earning top honors at regional and national dance competitions. Carryl’s influence stretches far and wide. She has been an inspiration to young dancers just beginning their first classes at the studio. She has been a confidant to her teen dancers as they prepare to leave Jazz Unlimited and move on to professional pursuits, whether in dance or elsewhere. And she has been steadfast in her dedication to the dance world, always striving to share her expertise with the dance community.

Carryl has been a dance competition judge on both the East and West Coasts, and in recent years, she has served as one of an elite group of Ambassadors at the annual Dance Teacher Summit, guiding dance instructors from around the world. Carryl extends her deepest gratitude to her staff, whose talent and dedication keep Jazz Unlimited burning bright. Carryl and her husband, Fred, are always proud of their son, Trace, a successful writer and director in Los Angeles.