Artistic Director Carryl Slobotkin

Artistic Director/Owner Carryl Slobotkin

Since 1970, Carryl’s students don’t just fly – they soar. Carryl has guided her dancers through performances in Europe and China, on a cruise ship to Mexico, in Walt Disney World, during Orange Bowl and Philadelphia 76ers halftime shows, at Carnegie Hall, and on local and national television programs. Jazz Unlimited students have performed among the bright lights in New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and in dozens of cities and towns in between. Along the way, Jazz Unlimited has earned a reputation for excellence and received countless awards at regional and national dance competitions.

Today, Carryl is widely known as one of the most accomplished studio leaders in the dance world. She is part of an elite group of Ambassadors chosen to assist with planning and hosting the annual Dance Teacher Summit, which will be held this year in New York City. As an Ambassador, Carryl helps guide hundreds of dance teachers from around the world. She has also served as a dance competition judge on both the east and west coasts.

Carryl is committed to ensuring that innovation and creativity are ever-present at Jazz Unlimited, positioning the studio to soar through 2018 and beyond. She extends her deepest gratitude to her staff, whose talent and dedication allow their students to fly higher and higher with each passing year.

Carryl credits her parents for fostering her love of dance, instilling her work ethic, and giving her the wings that allowed her to take flight in her career. Family remains a central focus in her life. Carryl and her husband, Fred, are always proud of their son, Trace, a successful writer and director in Los Angeles.