Artistic Director/Owner Carryl Slobotkin

Carryl Pic BWWhat skills make a dancer? Technique, performance quality, flexibility (physically and mentally), musicality, discipline, the ability to learn choreography … the list goes on and on. But most importantly, dancers must maintain the joy and passion that drew them to the art of dance in the first place. It is that joy, in tandem with their developing skillset, that allows a dancer to truly take flight.
As owner and artistic director of Jazz Unlimited, Carryl Slobotkin has been helping dancers take flight for nearly five decades. Before opening her studio, Carryl enjoyed a successful professional dance career, performing with the New York City Rockettes and choreographing for the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders. Her experiences as a choreographer helped Carryl recognize her love for teaching and mentoring others. As a result, she founded Jazz Unlimited in 1970.

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Jazz Unlimited Faculty/Staff

  • Jacquelyn Altman

  • Vanessa Baker

  • Sara Billow

  • Tara Butz

  • Sun-Mi Cho

  • Erin DeLuca

  • Fern Dorfman

  • Mandi Dorfman

  • Devon Ficarra

  • Michelle Grello

  • Nikki Dean-Hocker

  • Kali Malench

  • Colleen Marroletti

  • Gabrielle Nierenberg

  • Jaclyn O’Rourke

  • Elyse Renshaw

  • Gina-marie Shifferly

  • Lisa Rae Smith

  • Julie Wills

  • Samantha Zweben

Guest Instructors

  • Sky Hoffmann

  • Keith Ocampo

  • Michael Susten

Financial Director

  • Fred New Pic BW
    Fred Slobotkin

Executive Director/Ensemble & Dance Team Director

  • Nikki Dean-Hocker

Administrative Assistant

  • Shannon McPeak

Financial Assistant

  • Lori Gagliardi