Artistic Director/Owner Carryl Slobotkin


When Carryl Slobotkin opened Jazz Unlimited in 1970, her goal as founder & artistic director was to provide outstanding dance education for the youth of South Jersey. She did not imagine that the studio would still be thriving, with her at the helm, 51 years later. But yet, as Carryl maintained steadfast focus on her goal of excellence, the decades ticked by while Jazz Unlimited continued to grow. Now, Carryl is thrilled and thankful to be going into her 51st year with her students, staff, alumni, and their families. 

Even after a half century, one of Carryl’s favorite parts of her role is opening the door to each studio and watching her students dance. Seeing her dancers grow brings back memories of her own years as a young dance student. 


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Jazz Unlimited Faculty/Staff

  • jacquelyn
  • vanessa baker
  • Sara Billow
  • TARA
  • Erin DeLuca
  • Fern Dorfman
  • Devon Ficarra
  • Michelle Grello
  • Nikki Dean-Hocker
  • Kali Malench
  • Colleen Marroletti
  • Jaclyn O’Rourke
  • Elyse Renshaw
  • Gina-marie Shifferly
  • Julie Wills
  • Ryan Fiedel
  • Stacy

Guest Instructors

  • Keith Ocampo
  • Michael Susten
  • NEIL
  • Megz
  • Michelle Arotsky

Financial Directors

  • Fred Slobotkin

Executive Director/Ensemble & Dance Team Director

  • Nikki Dean-Hocker


  • Shannon McPeak


  • Lori