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Dance Classes in Marlton

Serving South Jersey

Music and physical activity are both shown to increase health and happiness. If you want to enjoy exercise or encourage your child to participate in the world of music and dance, Jazz Unlimited Studio of Dance Arts is the perfect solution. We offer dance classes designed for every age and ability in South Jersey.

Classes and Lessons

Classes are available for students aged 18 months and older. We offer more class options than any other dance studio in the area and teach more than 1,500 students. Our classes run from September through May. These classes include:

  • Acro
  • Adult
  • Ballet
  • Boys only hip hop
  • Contemporary
  • Creative
  • Dance with me
  • Hip hop
  • Jazz
  • Musical theater
  • Tap

We provide multiple high-quality classes and stay up to date with the trends in the dance world so that our students can fully explore the varieties of dance that interest them. We do a dance recital every year in June so that students can demonstrate what they have learned throughout the year of dance instruction.

We also offer private lessons, The Next Step program for promising students, summer dance camps, and the award winning Ensemble & Dance Team for those students who want to take dancing to the next level.


Our instructors are well-trained, and many were trained at Jazz Unlimited. Our faculty is highly qualified to teach the various dance styles. Our instructors have led many students to success competitively or in achieving the students’ personal goals.

Our owner and artistic director, Carryl Slobotkin, has been running Jazz Unlimited since 1970 to bring the joy of dance to thousands of individuals.


We are proud to serve the local community. If you want to enroll your child in dance classes or want to enjoy the benefits of dancing instruction in your own life, contact us today by calling 856-983-6608.