Ensemble & Dance Team Weekly Rehearsal Schedule

*Rehearsals may be added or changed over time. Please check this schedule weekly to ensure you do not miss any changes. If viewing on a mobile phone, hold your device horizontally to view the calendar.

Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule 2020

DATE Studio A Studio B Studio C Studio D Studio E Studio F
04/16/2021 NUVO Ensemble Competition
04/17/2021 NUVO ENS/DT Workshop
04/18/2021 NUVO ENS/DT Workshop
04/25/2021 Ensemble Auditions 10 & up 1-2:30
Dance Team Auditions 9 & up 2:30-4
Dance Team Rehearsals TBA
05/01/2021 On Point Dance Team Competition
05/02/2021 On Point Dance Team Competition