Ensemble General Info

The Jazz Unlimited Dance Ensemble is an award-winning, nationally recognized troupe of approximately 65 young performers, selected because of their abilities, ardor, and potential. They devote thousands of hours in classes and performances, earning countless praises from audiences.

Throughout the year, the Ensemble dancers demonstrated their commitment to expand their dance education. They polished their skills at the Jump workshops in New York City and took classes given by master teachers such as Katy Spreadbury, Misha Gabriel, Wade Robson, and Nika Khlum. At the studio they took classes from top industry choreographers and teachers, including Billy Griffin, Louis VanAmstel, Neil Schwartz, Megz Alfonzo, Billy Angell, Sheila Barker and dancers from Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods tour – Nat Gilmore and Codie Wiggins. The Ensemble members participated in multiple innovative webcast teaching sessions with Jaimie Goodwin, Teddy Forance, Nick Baga, and Ava Bernstine.

The Ensemble dancers received numerous individual and group honors and scholarships for their performances this year. They started the season with a special invitation to dance in The JCE Dance Project (NYC) performing choreography by Jaclyn O’Rourke. At the ASH competition the Ensemble won Studio of the Weekend as well as awards in choreography (J. O’Rourke), Technical Execution and Judges’ Choice (M. Susten), Standout Routine (B. Griffin), and Entertainment (L. Smith and N. Schwartz). At NDS, JU won Top Choreography awards (F. Dorfman, M. Dorfman, M. Grello, N. Hocker, J. O’Rourke, V. Baker, S. Zweben, K. Ocampo) and Highest Scoring Routine, Angel on Fire (M. Susten). At Groove the Ensemble members won the Overall Studio Technique Award and Highest Scoring Studio Groove Award. At JUMP in NYC, the studio received top honors, with “Burnin’ Up!” winning the Best in Studio award. The Ensemble dancers were asked to return to perform at the 76ers game, showcasing TEAM PHILLY (N. Hocker) to cheering crowds. And as part of giving back to the community, Ensemble dancers performed at a DANCE 4a CAUSE charity event benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

At the accumulation of incredible dance year, please enjoy watching the Ensemble dancers “Burnin’ Up” the stage.