Artistic Director/Owner Carryl Slobotkin

Carryl Pic BW

A classic anthem at sporting events, “We Will Rock You” evokes confidence and motivation while paying tribute to the power of teamwork.  It is, therefore, an ideal theme for Jazz Unlimited.  Since 1970, Jazz Unlimited has brought the joy of dance to thousands of children, helping them discover the satisfaction of working together to achieve lofty goals.  In fact, the studio boasts a record of success that any professional sports team would envy. 

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Jazz Unlimited Faculty/Staff

  • Jacquelyn Altman

  • Vanessa Baker

  • Sara Billow

  • Tara Butz

  • Sun-Mi Cho

  • Erin DeLuca

  • Fern Dorfman

  • Mandi Dorfman

  • Devon Ficarra

  • Michelle Grello

  • Nikki Dean-Hocker

  • Kali Malench

  • Colleen Marroletti

  • Gabrielle Nierenberg

  • Jaclyn O’Rourke

  • Robin Passmore

  • Elyse Renshaw

  • Gina-marie Shifferly

  • Lisa Rae Smith

  • Julie Wills

  • Meredith Ziemba

  • Samantha Zweben

Guest Instructors

  • Sky Hoffmann

  • Keith Ocampo

  • Michael Susten

Jazz Unlimited Staff

  • Fred New Pic BW
    Fred Slobotkin

Executive Director

  • Meredith Ziemba

Ensemble Director

  • Nikki Dean-Hocker


  • Shannon McPeak