Artistic Director/Owner Carryl Slobotkin

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As owner and artistic director of Jazz Unlimited for the past 46 years, Carryl Slobotkin has often reflected on what children need most when pursuing dance education.  Her conclusions are multifold.  Certainly, all students need a motivating curriculum taught by excellent instructors.  They need to develop proper technique.  If they wish to train at higher levels, they need to understand the discipline required and grow into that maturity.

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Jazz Unlimited Faculty/Staff

  • Jacquelyn Altman

  • Vanessa Baker

  • Sun-Mi Cho

  • Fern Dorfman

  • Devon Ficarra

  • Michelle Grello

  • Nikki Dean-Hocker

  • Sara Lonngren

  • Colleen Marroletti

  • Molly Misgalla

  • Jaclyn O’Rourke

  • Gina-marie Shifferly

  • Lisa Rae Smith

  • Julie Wills

  • Meredith Ziemba

  • Keith Ocampo

  • Michael Susten

  • Samantha Zweben

Jazz Unlimited Staff

  • Fred New Pic BW
    Fred Slobotkin

Executive Director

  • Meredith Ziemba

Ensemble Director

  • Nikki Dean-Hocker