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Dance Classes in Marlton

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Girls taking dance classes in the Voorhees Township, NJ area

Jazz Unlimited was started in 1970 when our owner and artistic director, Carryl Slobotkin, was implored by her high school students to open a studio that they could come to outside of school. She wanted to help her students as much as possible, and so the first dance classes of Jazz Unlimited began.

Today, our studio has over 1,500 students, and we are recognized worldwide for our excellent results. We offer dance classes ranging from ballet, jazz, and hip hop to acro, contemporary, musical theater, and tap, and we teach ages 18 months and up. We serve the entire local community, including the Voorhees Township, NJ, and Haddonfield, NJ, area.

Professional Instructors

Like most skills, dance can be truly taught only by someone who has learned to perform themselves. At Jazz Unlimited, we employ a number of passionate and skilled instructors who are experts at dance. In fact, we often hire former students who we know have a comprehensive background that will help these individuals excel in a teaching position.

Whether you are looking for a competitive leader who has led dance squads to victories nationwide or want a kind and compassionate teacher who can guide you or your child in the basics of dance, we have the right dance classes for you.

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If you are considering enrolling yourself or your child in one of our dance classes, don’t wait: call us today at 856-983-6608. We will happily answer any questions you may have and discuss our upcoming class schedules.

For us, there are no words we like to hear more than “my kids love coming here.” We do whatever we can to make the experience exceptional and bright for both parent and child, so give Jazz Unlimited a try. Our studio is located in Marlton, NJ, just a short distance from Voorhees Township, NJ, and Haddonfield, NJ.